Our Approach

Our goal is simple: make you happy! To exceed your expectations, and fulfill your dreams in optimizing your space—for life and work. We blend practical function and safety considerations with inspiring solutions that help you fall in love all over again with your home or office. Be design, staging, organizing or transition support, our collaborative, accessible approach is tailored to invite you into the process without overwhelming you.

Meet the Team

With more than two decades of experience in business, real estate and residential organizing, staging and styling, founder and owner Karen Pfeiffer Bush leads with undeniable passion and integrity. Her dynamic and equally passionate team of experts are committed to elevating your experience and vision of what's even possible.

Karen Pfeiffer Bush

Chief Executive Officer

The best part about my job is working with my fabulous, fun and brilliant team. I absolutely love the swirl of creativity going on around me when I enter the office. When I’m out in the field visiting with clients and referral partners, I'm always so invigorated to hear how much our team is loved by everyone with whom we come in contact. Client happiness is always our top priority, but happy, motivated and empowered employees is my mission because I know that when my team loves their work, our clients are happy.

My career has taken some interesting twists and turns,  but I firmly believe that each step of my journey has lead me to my beloved Housewarming. In my early career, I was a magazine editor and wrote a weekly real estate column, which sparked a lifelong obsession with home and interior design. Next, I turned to project management in the book publishing world in mid-town Manhattan. That experience was the ultimate in honing my ability to manage multiple projects and tasks. I moved to Seattle in 1993 and joined a high-end commercial printing company with headquarters in Los Angeles. I started their customer service department, and then moved on to sales and marketing. That was a whirlwind of 24-hour-a-day schedules and hopping on airplanes a little too often over an 11 year period. It was a fun and exciting job, but when baby #2 came along, it was time for a change. Speaking of babies, my most important job as Mom has certainly provided me with a foundation for my business  based upon compassion, love, respect and most importantly FAMILY FIRST. My job as mom, along with my voyeur-like obsession with homes and design, lead me to a five year stint selling real estate. During that period, I started staging my own listings and helping clients with the downsizing and moving process, and voila…baby #3, Housewarming, was born!

Each client that we have had and each one that we continue to serve enlightens and expands our breadth of services because when you’re in service to others as we are, no client or project or day is ever the same. That’s why all these years later, Housewarming continues to grow and expand. When someone asks us for help, even if we’ve never encountered their request, we say “Yes, we can!” and we figure it out and take care of them. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to have helped so many people over the years through good times and difficult times, and promise that Housewarming and it’s fabulous, happy, motivated team will be here for many years to come to help many, many more people through life’s transitions.

Every client and every opportunity is a gift that I don’t take for granted. I hope that our clients and referral partners would agree that I take them all very seriously, but while working with them to lighten their load, I’ve lightened their hearts.

Amanda Kratochvil

Lead Interior Designer & Operations Manager 

I love my job and especially to be able to solve my client's problems they have with their homes. I find joy in solving the puzzle that each client brings me and I love to see the satisfaction on my client’s faces when they see the end result of my work.

I’ve grown with Housewarming, starting as a stager to become Housewarming’s Operations Manager and Lead Residential Interior Designer. While I am very much still involved in the daily operations and business strategy, I spend most of my time now focused on our interior design clients and the continued development of our residential division.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and an unparalleled passion for creating functional and beautiful spaces for life and work. I also love Housewarming and our amazing team of caring, fun and talented people. I am inspired by design, but I am equally inspired by my Housewarming teammates.

Karen Leimback

Project Manager & Client Relations

One of my favorite parts of my job is meeting the wonderful families and people we work with and hearing their stories. I love the finishing touches of settling a client in, hanging art, arranging furniture, placing keepsakes and décor. I feel so great when a client is thrilled with their new surroundings and that we have made it “home” for them. So often, I hear the words “I wish I had met you sooner.”

I enjoy working side by side with our wonderful team who share my commitment to being attentive to detail, truly listening and caring about our clients, and being innovative and creative every day. I also love going out to all of our wonderful senior communities and creating partnerships with them so we all work together to improve the lives of their current and future residents. I enjoy my role as point person between our company and our senior community partners. It is such a pleasure to be a part of so many wonderful communities around the Puget Sound Region.

Jacquelyn Rardin

Interior Designer & Business Outreach

I love that I get to live and practice my passion every day. Who can say that?!? I exercise creative problem solving skills and work with an amazingly dynamic and talented team. What I find even more special is that our services reward clients with life-changing results, from improving their relationship with 'stuff' to enhancing the flow and function of a space for greater productively and happiness. It feels good to make a difference in people's lives! We genuinely care about people, and go that extra mile to ensure our clients are informed, comfortable and supported during renovations, big or small, and ultimately happy. We listen deep. And it shows in our results.

I have been practicing professional organizing, space planning and styling since 2011. After 20-years in strategic marketing and communications, and a life-long love affair with the arts, design and architecture, I decided to pursue a degree in interior design in 2013, graduating with honors in residential design and landing first place in the National Kitchen & Bath Association's (NKBA) Student Design Competition.

I absolutely adore the details and exploring the possibilities of every square inch of space! I'm a bit of a nerd that way. But it is this passion that propels me to leap for joy with every client, every project and make design dreams come true...be it a re-design of a kid's room to a kitchen or bathroom remodel to a complete home or condo overhaul. The best part of working for Housewarming is the smiles, joy, relief and love from a project well-done.

Lori Sullivan

Project Manager & Photographer

The best part about my job is seeing quick transformations. We often stage vacant homes, going from empty in the morning to a warm, inviting home ready to be seen by potential buyers in the afternoon.

I also love working with our move management clients who are so happy and surprised when they see what we’ve done with their new home. Most people are a little apprehensive about the transition from one home to another, particularly if they’ve been in their home for a long time. Seeing the sense of relief and delight on their faces when they walk into their new home is very satisfying.

I studied interior design at Bellevue College and have been staging homes for 8 years. I’ve also been Housewarming’s photographer over the past year and believe that my perspective on staging a property is unique in that I can see, whether we’re photographing the listing or not, how the property will show to potential buyers. Please check out our portfolio to see my photography work.

It's also important to me and I know it's important for our clients to know that I work with an amazing group of people at Housewarming. Everyone genuinely cares about the people we work for and they go above and beyond to make sure our clients are happy. That attitude is contagious and motivates all of us.



“I had the pleasure of working with Amanda Kratochvil this past Fall, 2017. It was such a pleasure despite somewhat difficult life circumstances. After moving to Seattle, expecting to purchase a home, we decided to rent an apartment. Our living quarters were much smaller than before. We wanted to make sure we purchased things we could use when we move into a home, and use what we could of our little existing furniture and my own art. We also didn’t want to spend a fortune on a temporary home but wanted to make wise, quality purchases. Amanda was incredibly amenable to my own ideas, which was such a nice surprise, and totally understood my aesthetic. She also gave me options to pick from. As a result, I feel like I have ‘my’ home, instead of something staged. Working with Amanda truly made adjusting to apartment living and Seattle winters easier. In addition, Everything I purchased have been items I continue enjoy and will keep where ever we live next. Amanda was also able to guide me away from decisions that would not be a good investment. I would definitely work with Amanda again, and highly recommend her services.”

-Lisa G.