Design Style: Coastal Boho

It’s the final week of our Design Style series! We had fun interviewing the Housewarming team and sharing with you various fun and unique aesthetics. As we conclude this series, we want to stress the idea of design being a personal thing. It should take aspects of YOUR personality and how YOU need it to function into account and be defined by those traits, have fun coming up with your own creative title!

For our final week, we interviewed our sister company’s, S|365 Consulting and Design, director and lead design consultant Jacquelyn Rardin. Who described her personal style as Coastal Boho.

Jacquelyn is a strategic thinker, visionary interior designer, and collaborative leader with S|365. As Director & Lead Design Consultant, she oversees our commercial development & interior design division, supporting Senior Living and Multi-Family solutions. She proudly serves as mom, partner, weekend artist & D.I.Yer, and is a self-proclaimed bookworm nerd who dreams of someday owning a tiny home by the sea.

When asked to explain how she defines her personal style this is what she said.

“Eclectic. Colorful. Fun. Comfortable. I truly love surrounding myself with art, books, and found objects turned projects, especially from my travels, far or near. My environment takes on a somewhat bohemian aesthetic that seamlessly works, mainly because it just feels good and it embodies my treasured memories from over the years—from my grandmother’s antique coffee table where I used to play card games as a child to a playful figurine I picked up with my daughter at a Paris thrift shop to creatively displayed books I’ve collected and read throughout my life to pleasing textures, patterns, and materials that evoke my favorite place, the beach.”

Design Style: Modern Contemporary

It’s week four of our Design Style Series, we began by exploring the ways in which you can identify your own aesthetic, and how coming up with your own original label is completely acceptable. Need a refresher? read our blog here! “Identifying Your Design Style: It’s Not All in The Name

This week we interviewed chief executive assistant Tylor Reighard, he described his personal design style as Modern Contemporary.

Tylor serves as Executive Assistant to CEO, Karen Pfeiffer Bush, coordinating speaking engagements & appearances, as well as managing client meetings and related activities. He plays a key role in coordinating on-site consultations, scheduling staging appointments, and lending insights to process & system development.

He describes himself as a simple person with a very extra personality. Tylor enjoys the simple things in life like wine and walks with his partner and adorable dog. He also enjoys summer hikes, cozy afternoons reading a good book or watching a short docuseries, cooking and traveling the world.

When asked to describe his personal style, this is what he had to say.

“My style is quite basic, I love clean lines and neutral soft colors. I would describe it as transitional/modern. My décor go-to’s are plants and simple framed images. I am a sucker for a succulent plant. I believe they can dress up any simple table or shelves. I also enjoy Scandinavian inspired fabrics. My style is a living room where you can feel comfortable sitting in, until you poor a glass of red wine and then you may fear staining the white couch (at least I do, even after its treated) Speaking of wine, the main reason I chose my first winery (Novelty Hill- Januik Winery) had nothing to do with the wine… I love the design and how comfortable I felt and wanted to bring that home and into my own living room (see right top corner of photo) I’ve since realized the wine is delicious and am still a member.”

Design Style: Organic Luxe

Continuing with our Design Style blog series, this week we cover interior designer, Mayra Garcia’s design style and why she has named it Organic Luxe.

Mayra supports interior design, and styling projects, with specialties in research & sourcing, programming, and staging. Mayra holds a BA in Interior Design from Bellevue College and is an active member of IIDA the International Interior Design Association.

Away from work, Mayra takes to the hiking trails with her fiancé, including a few recent favorites to Mount Storm King, and Mount Freemont fire lookout. Mayra also enjoys watercolor painting, especially flowers, and is a self-professed bubble-tea addict

My design style stems from my love of nature but also my love of things that sparkle hence the name organic luxe. Living in the Pacific Northwest has greatly influenced my personal esthetic, I love the mountains, the color of the evergreens, the misty horizon. Being in nature brings me peace and a sense of order, it’s a way to escape the chaos of everyday life. I like design that incorporates elements of nature either with colors, materials, shapes, or literal nature (plants!) I tend to gravitate towards darker tones, as well as simple neutrals.

I am also a person who appreciates subtle luxury, I really enjoy things that pop, statement pieces that add a little extra wow without being too obnoxious. I always need a little sparkle to feel complete.

Design Style: Treasured Transitional

On this weeks Design Style Series, we explore CEO, Karen Pfeiffer Bush, personal design style and why she calls it Treasured Transitional.

When not leading Housewarming, Karen enjoys downtime camping with her family across Washington State and “growing” her talents in urban gardening.

She’s had many summer adventures across 6 passes, plus road trips to Birch Bay, eastern Washington, Washington coast, and her personal favorite, Mt. St Helen’s.

Karen is also a published author, contributing writer, keynote speaker, and regular presenter on topics including senior living, rightsizing, real estate & housing trends, and philanthropy & capital campaigns.

When asked to describe her personal design style, this is what she told us.

“Transitional in design terms refers to the meshing of modern and traditional elements. Embracing transitional design has allowed my home to flex and flow with my lifestyle and the growth and development of my family. I have some large scale classic features and fixtures that have been consistent cornerstones for the 20 years that I have lived in my 110 year old home. I have mixed and matched, added and edited treasures as our lives have changed through time, trials and travels.

Seattle has been home to me for 27 years but the legacy of growing up on the beach in the Hamptons, stretching my wings in Colorado as a college student and living the dream on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan in my 20s runs deep in my design aesthetic. Generally, my larger pieces are clean-lined and neutral while accessories and artwork are more modern and eclectic telling the ever-evolving story of my life.”



Design Style: Warm Eclectic

We thought it would be fun to share each of housewarmings team personal design styles. As touched upon in last week’s blog “Identifying Your Design Style: It’s Not All in The Name” defining your own style should be all about YOU! Even if that means coming up with a name that doesn’t fall into a “standard” style.

This week we begin with managing director and senior designer Amanda Kratochvil, who describes her design style as Warm Eclectic

A Pacific Northwest native, she enjoys hiking, baking and reading everything from romance to sci-fi fiction. Amanda also enjoys brunching and small group get togethers with her friends. She has one very grumpy cat, and an amazing niece and nephew.

Amanda holds a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and is a member of NKBA & Master Builders Association, plus president of the Westside Professionals BNI chapter.

When asked to describe her design style, this is what she said.

“My personal space needs to be warm, inviting and a bit eclectic. It always needs to have a touch of humor in it too, whether that’s a T-rex holding a pineapple pillow, (yes I really have that) or a Lord of the Rings inspired art piece, I like ensuring I include bits of myself and my husband in our space. I like mixing metals and textures. I tend to stick to blues greens and grays. I love mixing in new and old, I have an antique tea cart that was my grandmothers that I use as our bar, and a much more modern chandelier in my dining space. I showcase my husbands love of music by displaying his guitars—which are stunning in their own right— in our open living/dining space.”