Picking paint color can be extremely overwhelming. Whether you’re walking into the paint department of your local hardware store, which houses hundreds if not thousands of paint chips or you’re looking online at the manufacturer’s website, you have infinite choices when it comes to paint selections. You may think, “I’ll just paint the walls white. That will be super easy.” Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. There are so many shades of white on the market that just asking for “white” may not give you the outcome you’re looking for. On Sherwin Williams’ website, when you navigate to the white color family you have 154 colors that are considered in the “white” family. 154!


Here are a few tips and tricks to help find the right color for you:

Start with inspiration photos. Use your favorite design inspiration website (Pinterest, Houzz) or design magazine to find ideas and a place to start when you’re hunting for just the right color. You can also utilize your surroundings. Pull inspiration from nature, take a look outside and consider the colors in places that make you most happy.

If you’re working with a small space, start out light and bright and layer in pops of color with your artwork and accessories to make the space feel larger.

Think about the function of the room. Is it a bedroom that needs to feel calming and relaxing? Stick with calming neutral colors. Don’t paint it red! Is it a dining room? Stick with appetizing colors; almost anything that you see in food is a good start. Studies show that blue can cause you to lose your appetite.

Don’t judge the color by how it looks on your screen. Paint color samples online will look slightly different on every screen you have (computer, tablet, phone) and will often lead to disappointment when the color doesn’t pan out the way you expected!

ALWAYS test your color in a few spots in your house and live with it for at least a day to see it in different light.. You’ll be amazed at how much color can change depending on the weather or time of day. All paint companies can provide you with a small sample of your color for minimal cost, which is worth the few extra dollars to know you’re going to love your space.


See how light can affect your space: