Holiday Gift Certificates from Housewarming Home Staging & Design.

Give your family & friends the gift of comfort and beauty in their home

Finding the perfect gift for family and friends can be tricky. If Covid lockdowns taught us anything, it’s that how our homes feel and function greatly affects how we feel and function.  If you have a friend or family member (or even yourself!) with a space that they don’t know what to do with or that does not bring them joy and comfort, get them a gift card from Housewarming.

We are offering gift certificates for the holiday season. Pick out one of our pre-made packages or call us to create a custom package just right for your favorite person.

Single Room Color Package: $175

This option is great for someone who wants to bring new life to a room in their home with color.

Color Package: $575

This package is perfect for those who are afraid to explore color or are just unsure of where to take their home’s color palette!

  • Initial design video or phone interview to get a feel for your tastes
  • Up to 2 hours of design services to assist in picking out colors
  • 8×10 samples provided
  • Limited to exterior + 3 interior rooms or 5 interior rooms
  • Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint exclusively

Hands-On Space Planning Package: $400

This package is perfect for those who have space(s) that just don’t function, but don’t want to purchase new furnishings.

  • 2 hours of hands-on space planning with 2 of our designers to help re-configure your home using furniture, art and accessories that you already have
  • On-site suggestions for colors to add to your space to enhance the look

Ultimate Hands-On Space Planning Package: $1,000 (Actual Value: $1200)

This is the ideal package for those who have space(s) that just don’t function and want to buy a few new pieces of furniture but don’t know where to start.

  • 2 hours of hands-on space planning with 2 of our designers to help re-configure your home
  • On-site suggestions for colors to add to your space to enhance the look
  • List of suggested items to purchase (limit 10 items)- sent via email after meeting
  • Digital Space Planning: Have a custom floor plan created for your space (limit 1 room)

Digital Space Planning package: $700    

This package is for the DIY-er who just wants a road map to create a more functional space but doesn’t want to purchase new furnishings.

  • 1 hour on site to measure up to 3 rooms and your existing furniture and review your needs for the space(s)
  • Digital floor plan showing best space planning options using your existing furniture

Ultimate Digital Space Planning Package: $1,000 ($1,200 Value!)

This is THE package for the DIY-er who wants a road map to create a more functional space AND wants to purchase a few additional pieces of furniture to complete the package.

  • 1 hour on site to measure up to 3 rooms and your existing furniture and review your needs for the space(s)
  • Digital floor plan showing best space planning options using your existing furniture
  • List of suggested items to purchase (limit 10 items) to enhance your space

Custom Design Package:

Call or email us to create the perfect custom package for you loved one!

206.719.1662 |


Must purchase by December 31st, 2022 and use the gift certificates by December 31, 2023 in order to guarantee these prices.

A West Seattle Bathroom with the Blues

Don’t let the title fool you, this beautiful blue bathroom is a shining star in this West Seattle primary suite makeover. It started out cramped and dark but we were able to reorganize to create better storage and a lighter, brighter space.

In the primary suite we had an incredibly small, closet of a shower with a small vanity and toilet. There wasn’t much storage, and the mirror was surrounded by glass block. We took over a hall linen closet and flipped this layout on its head.



We had to work around an existing chimney, but it gave us a nice little niche with added shelving around the toilet. We added more glass block to the shower flooding the space with light.

In the primary bedroom, we discovered that the closet housed a large glass block window. We brought in California Closets to build a custom closet system to not only improve the natural light but make better use of the closet space!

For more photos of the space check out the portfolio here.

Bright and Accessible West Seattle Addition That Honors the Home’s Style

If you’ve ever heard me talk about my favorite projects, you’ll know I have a soft spot for older homes. I love to update a home while maintaining the integrity of its original design. We did just that with this project.

These clients came to us with a request to add a full bathroom and bedroom on their main floor. The family needed to have at least one bedroom and one accessible bathroom on the main level as they have a family member facing mobility loss in the coming years. Before we added the space, their only bathrooms and bedrooms were either in the basement or on the top floor. While this house had a ton of stairs, the back deck connected directly to the carport and has no stairs. This was the clear location to add space to this home.

Our wonderful clients wanted to keep the design of their existing home and carry that through to the new addition. Accessibility was #1 but LIGHT was a very close second. We couldn’t avoid creating a hallway to reach the (now) smaller deck and carport without losing their custom pantry, which was not an option. They did not want this new hallway space to be a dark tunnel in an otherwise bright home. Our bright idea was to add skylights and a glass door to the end of the hall to flood the space with light.

We also wanted to make sure both new spaces were accessible. We accomplished this by making sure we had good clearances in the bathroom with a roll up vanity and a roll in shower with good turning radius for wheelchair accessibility.

The bedroom needs to do double duty. For now, it’s going to be a relaxing music space/guest bedroom. Down the road, it can accommodate a queen size bed or sofa bed along with a side chair while still maintaining a clear turning radius for a wheelchair.

A primary goal of this this addition was for it to feel that it was truly a part of the house from the exterior as well as the interior. There is a very distinct aesthetic on the exterior and we could not let this addition negatively impact the way the home looks from the outside.




We are proud to say that we honored this home’s aesthetic while giving the homeowners the crucial accessible space they needed. This new addition is light, bright and accessible.


For more photos check out our portfolio page here.

Designing A Beautiful and Profitable Short-Term Rental Property

At Housewarming, we work with property managers and owners to prepare their properties to be used as vacation rentals. Getting these properties just right is imperative to succeed in the short-term rental market.

The Process

From a design perspective, a short-term rental project begins like any other. We meet with the owner/manager to have an in-depth conversation about the goals for their investment and to learn about their style and functionality preferences. Sometimes owners will also use the property for their own enjoyment so we aim to take that into consideration while always keeping an eye on the prime goals: successful marketing, property occupancy and guest satisfaction.

Many vacation rental and property management companies will have set guidelines including a design “brand”, and a list of supplies, accessories and trimmings to meet the needs and comfort of their guests. These may include specific types of linens and bedding, toiletries, kitchenware and cleaning supplies. There may be certain color pallets or design themes that meet with their brand. If owners or companies do not already have an established style, brand or guidelines for outfitting their properties, we work with them to establish those.

Once we establish a clear design aesthetic and review specific needs, we put together a master shopping list per room. We review this with our clients and make edits based on their feedback. Once we have an approved list, we begin to source, which is design speak for finding the right place to buy things.


Establishing a timeline early in the conversation is extremely important especially when it comes to sourcing. Lead times vary for furniture depending upon if you’re looking for custom made, which is unusual in a short-term rental (but could happen) or find that in-stock and ready to ship items will work just fine. Most clients want a faster turnaround so we are mindful of where we shop and make sure items will arrive on time. Shopping in local furniture stores works well in these situations.

We usually present a couple of options to our clients that can work interchangeably. The sourcing process typically takes a few rounds of back and forth between us and the client until we narrow down a final package. This process is collaborative with clients sometimes sending us options and us verifying that they will fit into the space, will arrive on time, and work with the overall look. Part of our sourcing process involves detailed ordering sheets, which include links to websites, product numbers, shipping estimates and most importantly cost totals. These sheets are useful especially if the client will order and purchase on their own.


There are clients who choose to handle the ordering and buying process on their own and that is completely okay if we are kept in the loop about when items will arrive so we can plan for our installation day. When we take care of the shopping not only can our clients sometimes get special pricing but they can also avoid the hassle of tracking deliveries. When needed, we work with warehouse companies to safely store deliveries until everything has arrived and we are ready to install.


Depending on the size of the property, installation can take anywhere from 1-3 days. This process includes hanging artwork, assembling smaller sized furniture, making beds, displaying linens, setting up kitchens and getting everything ready for the management company to take marketing photos and list the property.  Some clients ask us to take detailed photos of how everything is set up and create the inventory lists so the management company’s staff knows just how the space should be before new guests arrive.

If you’re interested in setting up your beautiful and profitable short-term rental property, we’d love to talk with you!

Written by Mayra Zarabia, Interior Designer

Fresh Finds Friday!

We’ve updated our curated collections! Check out a few of our favorite new pieces….

This Sage Occasional Chair can be found in our Living Spaces Curated Collection.

Loving this Sage occasional chair because of its simplicity and elegance!

This Clifford Bath Vanity in White is available in our Bed & Bath Shop

I absolutely adore the Lucite and antique brass door pulls on this show stopping vanity!

This Fronds In Flight wallpaper in Green can be found in our Kids curated collection.

Love the bit of whimsy this would add to any kids space (bathrooms & adult spaces too!)

This Tic Tac Toe Block in White Bone can be found in our Art & Accessories curated collection.

I love it when a decorative accessory is more than décor, what better way than a beautiful sculpture you can play with?

This Homes for our Time, Contemporary Houses Around the World book can be found in our Office Spaces Curated Collection.

It likely comes as no surprise how excited we got with this contemporary book on architecture, what a great place to get inspired for your own home!

This Callahan Outdoor Sofa – 90” can be found in our Outdoor Spaces Curated Collection.

Our weather has been so odd lately, I’m yearning for a chance to spend all my time outdoors. Relaxing on this sofa in warm weather would be divine right now.

This Paella Baker can be found in our Kitchen & Dining curated collection.

I treasure a beautiful, handcrafted baking dish! Old world charm that’s sure to show off your favorite pie or quiche recipe!

This Agate Coaster (set of 2) can be found in our Things We Love curated collection.

I can’t wait to enjoy a glass of wine using these agate coasters!

This Molten Pendant Large with Smoke Glass and Natural Brass can be found in our Lighting curated collection.

Whether you use this as a single pendant over your sink, or a cluster to create a stunning chandelier you can’t go wrong with this statement fixture.

To see any of these beautiful pieces or more fantastic finds, check out our Curated Collections Here!


Oh Happy Day!

We interrupt your regularly programmed week to welcome you to dive into our newly launched and exciting Curated Collections shop!

Our Curated Collections are handpicked by our talented team of interior designers making it easy for you to shop for and order your home furniture and décor from one inspirational shop. You’ll find everything from lighting, art and accessories to furniture and bathroom vanities. We will  continually update the collections so be sure to check back for new pieces!

Enjoy the treasures in each of our 9 fabulous collections. Don’t see exactly what you want? Contact us, and we’ll create a custom Curated Collection just for you!