Have you set a resolution to be more organized this year?

Now, do you struggle to organize what you already have because you don’t have enough drawer space, closet space, or even floor space?

One of the biggest struggles, especially with the current real estate market in Seattle, is maximizing your small—sometimes tiny— space, without sacrificing your lifestyle. Here are a few key tips to help maximize your small space in the new year.

 Multi-functional furniture is a big one. Whether it’s an ottoman that doubles as a storage space, or a coffee table that can turn into a functional work surface (or dining room for those who have really small spaces). Having furniture that can do double—sometimes triple—duty can completely change your space.



Another area people let go right over their heads is the vertical space. You should try to utilize every square inch of your home when you struggle with space or storage!  While I’m not recommending you do multiple walls of shelving as this can sometimes make your space feel smaller; I am suggesting you use your vertical space in key places. If you do need to have a full wall of shelving, I recommend going with something with clean lines and something light and airy to help keep your space feeling open (even if it’s not!).