In 2018 Americans spent $72.56 billion on their pets. It’s no wonder that people are starting to take their pets needs into consideration when talking about design.

Most aspects of pet design are more about the logistics of caring for and cleaning up after your pet. There are some smart ways to not only make your life easier, but make your space look great while keeping your fur babies in mind.

Litter Box Cabinet.

Having a built-in area to keep your litter box in is a great idea, it not only keeps some of the smell out of your space but keeps the mess in an enclosed area, making clean up a breeze. I’ve even seen some that are vented to keep air flowing. Check out these cool designs:


Pet Feeding Stations:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve kicked my pets water dish a time or two (who am I kidding, I kick it all the time). Getting creative with how and where you keep your pets food and water dishes can be  as simple as a piece of furniture, like the one shown below that does double duty, this will also keep pups out of the cat’s food!

Or something a little more built in like this suspended pet feeding shelf. As a bonus you can custom tailor it’s height for your pet.

Cats are known climbers, meaning it may be impossible to keep them off your furniture, sometimes you just have to embrace it. With a design like this cool bookshelf, you and your cats are bound to be happy.Your cat is more likely to keep out of your stuff if they have their own spot in your shelves!

Doggy beds:

Whether your crate your dogs while you’re away, or if you just want a place that’s just Spot’s but struggle to find the right place to keep the crate or bed without having to constantly move it around when visitors come or just leave hanging around your house looking shabby. If you have the space for it, doing something that is built-in create an aesthetically pleasing functional solution. Whether it’s under stairs or built into cabinetry, these fantastic places to hide your crate. Just look at these cozy homes:


This post inspired by the Housewarming & Studio65’s favorite four legged (and one spunky 3-legged) friends: