Design Style: Coastal Boho

It’s the final week of our Design Style series! We had fun interviewing the Housewarming team and sharing with you various fun and unique aesthetics. As we conclude this series, we want to stress the idea of design being a personal thing. It should take aspects of YOUR personality and how YOU need it to function into account and be defined by those traits, have fun coming up with your own creative title!

For our final week, we interviewed our sister company’s, S|365 Consulting and Design, director and lead design consultant Jacquelyn Rardin. Who described her personal style as Coastal Boho.

Jacquelyn is a strategic thinker, visionary interior designer, and collaborative leader with S|365. As Director & Lead Design Consultant, she oversees our commercial development & interior design division, supporting Senior Living and Multi-Family solutions. She proudly serves as mom, partner, weekend artist & D.I.Yer, and is a self-proclaimed bookworm nerd who dreams of someday owning a tiny home by the sea.

When asked to explain how she defines her personal style this is what she said.

“Eclectic. Colorful. Fun. Comfortable. I truly love surrounding myself with art, books, and found objects turned projects, especially from my travels, far or near. My environment takes on a somewhat bohemian aesthetic that seamlessly works, mainly because it just feels good and it embodies my treasured memories from over the years—from my grandmother’s antique coffee table where I used to play card games as a child to a playful figurine I picked up with my daughter at a Paris thrift shop to creatively displayed books I’ve collected and read throughout my life to pleasing textures, patterns, and materials that evoke my favorite place, the beach.”