Design Style: Modern Contemporary

It’s week four of our Design Style Series, we began by exploring the ways in which you can identify your own aesthetic, and how coming up with your own original label is completely acceptable. Need a refresher? read our blog here! “Identifying Your Design Style: It’s Not All in The Name

This week we interviewed chief executive assistant Tylor Reighard, he described his personal design style as Modern Contemporary.

Tylor serves as Executive Assistant to CEO, Karen Pfeiffer Bush, coordinating speaking engagements & appearances, as well as managing client meetings and related activities. He plays a key role in coordinating on-site consultations, scheduling staging appointments, and lending insights to process & system development.

He describes himself as a simple person with a very extra personality. Tylor enjoys the simple things in life like wine and walks with his partner and adorable dog. He also enjoys summer hikes, cozy afternoons reading a good book or watching a short docuseries, cooking and traveling the world.

When asked to describe his personal style, this is what he had to say.

“My style is quite basic, I love clean lines and neutral soft colors. I would describe it as transitional/modern. My décor go-to’s are plants and simple framed images. I am a sucker for a succulent plant. I believe they can dress up any simple table or shelves. I also enjoy Scandinavian inspired fabrics. My style is a living room where you can feel comfortable sitting in, until you poor a glass of red wine and then you may fear staining the white couch (at least I do, even after its treated) Speaking of wine, the main reason I chose my first winery (Novelty Hill- Januik Winery) had nothing to do with the wine… I love the design and how comfortable I felt and wanted to bring that home and into my own living room (see right top corner of photo) I’ve since realized the wine is delicious and am still a member.”