Design Style: Organic Luxe

Continuing with our Design Style blog series, this week we cover interior designer, Mayra Garcia’s design style and why she has named it Organic Luxe.

Mayra supports interior design, and styling projects, with specialties in research & sourcing, programming, and staging. Mayra holds a BA in Interior Design from Bellevue College and is an active member of IIDA the International Interior Design Association.

Away from work, Mayra takes to the hiking trails with her fiancé, including a few recent favorites to Mount Storm King, and Mount Freemont fire lookout. Mayra also enjoys watercolor painting, especially flowers, and is a self-professed bubble-tea addict

My design style stems from my love of nature but also my love of things that sparkle hence the name organic luxe. Living in the Pacific Northwest has greatly influenced my personal esthetic, I love the mountains, the color of the evergreens, the misty horizon. Being in nature brings me peace and a sense of order, it’s a way to escape the chaos of everyday life. I like design that incorporates elements of nature either with colors, materials, shapes, or literal nature (plants!) I tend to gravitate towards darker tones, as well as simple neutrals.

I am also a person who appreciates subtle luxury, I really enjoy things that pop, statement pieces that add a little extra wow without being too obnoxious. I always need a little sparkle to feel complete.