Design Style: Treasured Transitional

On this weeks Design Style Series, we explore CEO, Karen Pfeiffer Bush, personal design style and why she calls it Treasured Transitional.

When not leading Housewarming, Karen enjoys downtime camping with her family across Washington State and “growing” her talents in urban gardening.

She’s had many summer adventures across 6 passes, plus road trips to Birch Bay, eastern Washington, Washington coast, and her personal favorite, Mt. St Helen’s.

Karen is also a published author, contributing writer, keynote speaker, and regular presenter on topics including senior living, rightsizing, real estate & housing trends, and philanthropy & capital campaigns.

When asked to describe her personal design style, this is what she told us.

“Transitional in design terms refers to the meshing of modern and traditional elements. Embracing transitional design has allowed my home to flex and flow with my lifestyle and the growth and development of my family. I have some large scale classic features and fixtures that have been consistent cornerstones for the 20 years that I have lived in my 110 year old home. I have mixed and matched, added and edited treasures as our lives have changed through time, trials and travels.

Seattle has been home to me for 27 years but the legacy of growing up on the beach in the Hamptons, stretching my wings in Colorado as a college student and living the dream on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan in my 20s runs deep in my design aesthetic. Generally, my larger pieces are clean-lined and neutral while accessories and artwork are more modern and eclectic telling the ever-evolving story of my life.”