Whether you’re in an office or your home, space is a valuable thing. But as you grow and change, so should your surroundings. Here’s a closer look at the process of turning an open chiropractic office into a more functional shared space.

The problem: our client wanted to bring in other doctors and be able to share his space while still maintaining privacy for the other doctors as well as the patients. His current space was open to everything, with only half-wall cubicles in the treatment areas.

The solution: because our client occupies this space as a tenant we decided to go with a non-permanent solution: Modular Walls. Working directly with the manufacturing rep. we were able to come up with a great solution to give him an additional 3 private treatment rooms while still maintaining the open exercise and roller massage table space.

Along with creating a new layout for the treatment rooms we were able to select all the finishes that would be changing in the space: flooring, paint and modular wall finishes. We wanted to incorporate his branding—which included bold reds and greens—without overwhelming you as you walked into the space. By picking a commercial grade carpet with touches of red and green, and utilizing accent walls we were able to make the space cohesive within their branding.

Once all plans were finalized we were able to clear out and install the new modular system. Now our client has 3 new private treatment rooms as well as a fully functional exercise space. His new clinic has been modernized without sacrificing who he is, and his branding.