Are you stuck at home, and suddenly those annoying parts of your house are becoming a little more unbearable? Wanting to make some changes but not sure where to start? Housewarming can help! We are doing video consultations!

We can evaluate your space and your needs to come up with a proposal for making your dream a reality. Whether you want to start your construction project as soon as possible or a year down the line, now is the time to start planning. By creating a full plan now, you can hit the ground running when you’re ready.

The great thing is that about 90% of what we need to do can be done virtually! With a little help from you, we can get all the information we need to create a full permit set. The only thing we may not have are final finish selections, which can be done just as soon as showrooms reopen!

Here’s our new virtual process:

  1. Initial consultation: This isn’t any different than normal, except we’re doing it over Microsoft Teams or Zoom! We can still take a walk around your space. We’re just in your hand instead of next to you!
  2. Proposal: We’ll write up your proposal based on your needs and get that to you within 2 business days.
  3. Proposal acceptance and deposit paid
  4. Get measurements from you (linked below) and start our design process outlined here for Remodel & Construction Design

With a simple sketch, basic measurements and our virtual meeting we are able to start your plan for your future home remodel!

This is a great time for you to figure out exactly how your space is or isn’t working for you so we can make a plan to improve functionality.

With a plan in place, you will be able to hit the ground running on any project as soon as you’re ready!

Want to know more about how to take dimensions for us? See this handy cheat sheet here!