Designing small spaces isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when you’re working with just shy of 34 square feet. Thankfully, the client and I had established realistic expectations for the space. It was the little details that made the difference in this tiny bathroom’s functionality.

This was one of my favorite projects because I got to collaborate with the client, who is a commercial interior designer. She had a few “must-haves” such as this fabulous Cambria Waterstone in Skye and this super high tech, Bluetooth compatible lighted Roburn medicine cabinet with USB charging ports, Bluetooth speakers, touch control and a nightlight.

It was the little details that really made this bathroom sing. We switched the location of the sink and toilet, so you don’t run directly into the toilet bowl. The hallway wasn’t a main walkway, so we switched the door to swing out so that the bathroom itself was more spacious, and no longer felt too tight. We eliminated  a door to the shower to allow for better flow, which was possible because the floors were tiled and water safe.. A high shelf that spans from the shower to the doorway provides extra storage without taking over the small space.

The results were this stunning, functional space that our clients are absolutely in love with.

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