Homeowner Inspiration

Collect the Beauty

I recently visited Harry’s Beach House on Alki Beach in West Seattle. It was an unusually sunny and clear day for mid-February which made everything in the light and airy café stand out beautifully. I’ve been to Harry’s quite a few times but there was something about the sun and the view of the restaurant interior from where I was seated that really impressed and inspired me this time.

The décor is a combination between beachy and cabinlike with some old school touches thrown in. One side of the bar has this fabulous handmade tile that I could sit and study for hours. Heavy wood furniture and a rustic fireplace combined with the light and buoyant wicker light fixtures provides an appealing balance. The space itself is open and airy with lots of windows, thankfully lacking blinds or treatments of any kind, allowing the light to flood in and the incredible views of Alki Beach and downtown Seattle to steal the show.

I love the gallery wall of old school nautical artwork, which adds a kind of heaviness juxtaposed to the white walls and neutral fixtures. There is so much to look at, yet the space still feels uncluttered and breezy.


When trying to define a style or look for your home, you need not limit yourself to home décor. Finding and collecting inspiration from restaurants, hotels, public spaces and even naturescapes is a great way to define your style. Anything that speaks to you and captivates your attention can be inspiration for your home. Consider creating an album in your phone of design inspiration photos. Even if you’re not sure why or where you would use something, the fact that you love it and were caught by it is enough to make it worth saving.

At Housewarming, we love when our clients come in with any kind of inspiration that can help us to help them determine their style. Even if you think you don’t “know your style”, anything you like can be a tool to define the look that will bring you the greatest joy and comfort. Some of our clients have shown us a piece of artwork that they love or some wallpaper they’ve picked out, a piece of fabric, photos of places, even just a few colors that are appealing to them. Personally, I have been inspired by outdoor murals and public art, and colors and textures found in nature on my travels, as well as in my own backyard.

Whether you’re going about your day in your neighborhood or perhaps wandering the globe, keep an eye out for the things that captivate your attention, and collect them. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have an album of images that you find inspiring and beautiful?

Collect the beauty! It may be the style definer that you need to create your perfect space, or it just may be a beautiful place to browse for a few minutes when you need to feed your soul.