Finding the right design partner is crucial to the success of your project.. The first step is knowing what type of designer you need, and the differences between the professions..

The titles Interior Designer and Interior Decorator are often mistakenly used interchangeably. There are a few key differences you should know that can help you decide what kind of professional you need.

Interior Decorators adorn a space with surface level changes, for example: furnishings, paint, art and accessories. Any modification is surface level, and most often is for aesthetics only. Interior Decorators require no schooling or formal training, though there are certainly in-depth courses and training opportunities that can further one’s skills and career.

Interior Designers go deeper to understand the needs and use of a  space and creatively come up with functional, safe and beautiful solutions to meet the end-users’ needs. They create designs on a more technical level and will often modify an interior structure. They can create full construction plans for permit, create fully detailed plans from start to finish and often act as a project manager on site with the contractor. College level education is required to become an Interior Designer. If your project entails moving walls or interior structure, electrical or plumbing modifications, building out kitchen or bathrooms, an Interior Designer is the right fit for you.