Finding a good Interior Designer can be a difficult task as there are many misconceptions and stereotypes about interior design and designers.


Here are a few misconceptions and clarifications about interior designers:

[one_third]Misconception[/one_third] [one_fourth_last]Clarification[/one_fourth_last]

[one_third]Interior Designers and Interior Decorators are the same thing.   [/one_third][one_fourth_last]You can find more about this in our previous blog post found: here[/one_fourth_last]

[one_third]Interior Designers are unaffordable.[/one_third]   [one_third_last]Any good designer will work within your budget (given that it’s realistic for your goals) Even if you just need advice on simple things. Most designers will consult with you for a small fee.[/one_third_last]

[one_third]Interior Designers won’t be able to design to my aesthetic.[/one_third]   [one_third_last]Any designer worth their salt has the education and background to design within any given style and do it well. Not only will they be able to work within your design aesthetic, but they’ll be able to guide you and ask the right questions to further develop your style and needs.[/one_third_last]

[one_third]I’m would be paying them to do something I can do myself.[/one_third]   [one_third_last]While you may have a good eye for design, color and color and layout, you could be missing out on important ways to implement as well as showrooms you don’t have access to (tons of places are to the trade only!) as well as the education on the top trends, technology, and building codes.[/one_third_last]


These are some questions you should always ask a potential interior designer:

  1. Can I see a portfolio of your work?
  2. Can you give me a testimonial from one of your clients?
  3. What is your design process?
  4. How do you charge? And do you offer a complimentary proposal or estimate for your services?
  5. What is your design aesthetic. Most have a preferred design aesthetic but all should be able to design within your given style.
  6. What is your education?